Norwich Loft Boarding Case Study

With the exciting news that we now provide loft boarding in Norwich, we’re thrilled to have gotten off to a busy start! Following the set up of our franchise, our fresh team of loft borders in Norwich started swiftly relieving homeowners of the painful loft access they’ve settled for.

If you missed our last blog post, you should know that homeowners of Norwich and the surrounding areas are desperate for professional loft services, including loft ladders, loft insulation, loft boarding, and of course, raised loft boarding for the many new builds around Norwich.

Norwich New Build Loft Boarding

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New build homeowners looking for loft boarding services in Norwich - don’t fret, you’re in safe hands!

One of our first jobs providing loft boarding in Norwich required our team to install raised loft boarding in a new build property. The customer, like many who called us up, hadn’t yet browsed our website fully and was surprised about the importance of raised loft boarding in a new build.

This involves a good understanding of the roof structure, to ensure we're not removing any of the crucial beams or trusses or compromising the roof support, and being very careful not to damage any of the pipes or wiring.

We then had the task of measuring the surrounding space beneath the hatch to ensure there's enough space for the ladder to fold out into - without the customer having to compromise balance or reach while climbing the ladder steps.

We explained to the customer how thermal bridging is likely to occur if they don’t select the correct kind of loft boarding for their desired insulation type. Look how we use products like Loft Leg/Loft Leg XL (above), or install raised loft boarding on Loftzone Storefloor (below) to avoid this.

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Installing Raised Loft Boarding In Norwich

On arrival, we ensured to maintain the level of social distancing and guidance from the government, before getting to take a real look at what we were dealing with. The loft had never been used before so this helped us cut down the time spent on the job, as we usually offer a loft removal service during the quoting.

The customer showed us the array of items for storage and we were glad they called us to install loft boarding before storing items, as this would have left their insulation squashed for weeks otherwise.

We began by adding another layer of insulation wool to their existing insulation, before drilling each Loft Leg stilt into the joists.

Then after our border installed just a couple of pieces of loft boarding, the customer was already impressed to see how well the product works and how simple the design is. The customer also mentioned the potential maintenance they might carry out in years to come, so as usual, we ensured not to over-tighten the screws - allowing for easy removal that minimises damaging the loft boards.

Premium Loft Boarding Service Norwich

The finished loft boarding enabled a fully functioning, regulated storage room, that ensured it was compliant with the new build insurance policy. As part of the customers quote we offered a few extra loft features to make it premium level, and a loft space to truly be proud of.

These premium loft extras consisted of a handy pull string light to ensure safety when climbing in and moving around the space. On top of this, some loft shelves were installed so that the customer could store smaller, lighter items vertically along the joists throughout the two lengths of the loft.

Affordable Loft Boarding & Ladder Package Deals In Norwich

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Best Loft Boarding Companies Norwich

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Norwich Loft Boarding Company

On top of our many 5 star reviews, you’ll be glad to know we offer a lifetime guarantee on all products, and have over 20 years of experience as a loft company, proudly expanding to Norwich and the surrounding counties!

If you require a loft boarding company in Norwich or need one of our team to install any of our other loft services, don’t hesitate to contact us, or use our handy quote calculator to find out the cost of loft boarding before securing your free, no-obligation quote!

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