Loft Hatches Custom Timber Loft Hatch

Custom Timber Loft Hatch

To compliment the 2 and 3 stage ladders you may require a hatch fitted to access it. We provide a range of hatches from UPVC, metal fire rated to Timber (Custom Built) hatches to suit any size.

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Details & Specifications

Should you require the conversion of your existing push-up loft hatch into a hinged drop down door compatible with operating pole you may want to consider replacing this with a new Timber bespoke hatch. Complimenting all of our aluminium loft ladders the unobtrusive design caters for both the contemporary or traditional homes. We provide a range of hatches from UPVC, metal fire rated to Timber (bespoke/made to measure) hatches to suit any size.

All our fitters will be able to safely brace and remove ceiling joists to create a new or enlarged aperture ensuring the structural integrity of the ceiling is not compromised.

We can remove your existing hatches to replace this with a new timber lined and architraved hatch with hinged door for a practical, professional finish. We will paint for no extra cost and can also be insulated. We can also enlarge or relocate your existing hatch to more suitable locations if required.

We can offer UPVC (plastic) and metal fire-rated hatch options. Both of which come with an insulated door.

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