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Providing: Bundles, Smoke Ventilation System, Roof Timber Kerb & Access Window.

Established in Denmark over 60 years ago, Velux are one of the leading names in loft skylights + flat roof windows, and as such we are very proud to be a stockist, supplier and installer of their products throughout the UK.

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Smoke Ventilation System,
Roof Timber Kerb &
Access Windows

Roof windows can help breathe new life into a previously dark loft space, allowing natural light to flood the room and greatly improve the appearance of your loft. Attic windows can be particularly useful if you are planning to use your loft as an extra room or storage space, adding aesthetic value to the loft.

Our team are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the installation of Velux windows, and our installation service is available at superb prices, allowing you to enjoy the best loft windows on the market without breaking the bank in the process.

Whether you want multiple roof windows or just one, The Loftman Company are the people for you. Speak to us today to find out how we can help you.

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Access Window

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flat roof window regulations

Manually operated flat roof window for access/escape purposes. This includes the CXP 0473Q base which features a double glazed insulation unit within the base. As well as a clear ISD 0010 or opaque ISD 0110 polycarbonate dome to sit on top which provides excellent noise reduction and will allow rain to drain off.

Timber Kerb

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The VELUX EXC Flat Roof Timber Kerb is for installation of a pitched roof window on a flat roof. Insulated kerb which is manufactured using plywood and polystyrene • Easy installation with flashing included. • The kerb is angled at 19 degrees which allows for rain and dirt to drain away.
PLEASE NOTE: The Roof Window needs to be purchased separately.

Smoke Ventilation System

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Smoke Ventilation System

The VELUX CSP Flat Roof smoke Ventilation System is designed to ventilate stairwells and lobbies for smoke or heat exhaust.
The key features and package for the VELUX Smoke Vent System includes:
1 Double glazed window with a choice of two types of polycarbonate cover – Clear (CSP S10G) or Obscure (CSP S10H) • Insulated Kerb (Onsite flashings will be required) • Securing fittings • Tested and certified to EN ISO 12101-2 • 10-year guarantee on windows and flashings, and a 3-year guarantee on all electrical products.

VELUX Flat Roof
Window Bundle

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velux installation service

Let more light into your home with VELUX flat roof windows. Choose from the new sleek curved glass rooflight(ISD 1093), flat glass rooflight(ISD 2093), clear polycarbonate dome(ISD 0010) and opaque dome(ISD 0110). All of these will come with a kerb, choose from a fixed kerb(CFP 0073QV), electric INTEGRA® kerb(CVP 0673QV) and manually opening kerb(CVP 0073U)(only available with the polycarbonate domes).


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