Loft Flooring & Boarding

If you are thinking of using your loft for heavy items, then it may be the case that your floor will need reinforcing or strengthening.

Loft Flooring Installation

The team at The Loftman Company install flooring of the highest quality, with our 18mm, moisture-resistant chipboard flooring material making for the perfect surface for your loft.
The grooved nature of the flooring means that we can install a solid, continuous surface without any gaps, using screws for the installation so any future need for cabling can be easily accommodated for.

Loft Boarding

Our loft boarding is a premium quality, affordable service that brings an extra level of safety and quality to your loft or attic space. If you would like to know more about our boards, or you would like to arrange a free, no obligation survey from one of our expert team, get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.
Loft joists may need raising to accommodate recommended levels of insulation - this may incur additional charges but can all be completed in a timely and comprehensive manner by our experienced staff.

Loft Legs

This method is required in new build houses where the insulation is so high above the existing joists and there is no load bearing internal walls, the cross- bracing method simply won't suffice. This method is used to elevate the floor above the existing insulation by 175mm. This method ensures the existing thermal insulation level is maintained and your U-Value is not compromised. It also provides protection against stress on the ceilings beneath and allows a small gap between the insulation and flooring for air to circulate.

A 175mm Loft Leg fixed on top of a 100mm truss or ceiling joist provides a lightweight, cost-effective solution. Developed by a team of engineers and designers the Loft Leg is strong; lightweight and manufactured in the UK from recycled polypropylene to ISO9001 standards and has been mechanically tested by independent experts.


Store Floor

Simple, Strong, Unique Design
The patented StoreFloor loft storage system consists of only 3 parts: The metal Cross-Beams, which you screw the boards on to, and the recycled plastic Tri- Supports and Uni-Supports, which screw into your joists and carry the load.

Strong galvanized steel cross-beams
The Cross-Beams make the raised deck safe to walk upon and faster to install. Beams are the only safe way to support loftboards, and allow you to avoid inevitable obstructions on joists such as pipes or wiring. Other leg or stilt products are unable to do this.

Lighter and faster to install than timber
StoreFloor is much lighter and faster than using timber to raise the loft floor, and is a better insulator too - keeping your heating bills down.

Adjustable supports for irregularly spaced joists
The Cross-Beams slide along the top of the Tri-Supports – to deal with the common problem of variable spacing between joists. Without this, the boards may not reach the next joist and will be unsafe.

Designed to promote airflow to reduce condensation
StoreFloor leaves an air gap underneath the boards, to prevent condensation. (Note that some other raised loft products aren’t tall enough for this essential feature).

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