Custom Timber Loft Door
April 30, 2020
New Joist for heavy loads – Per Square Metre (sqm)
April 30, 2020

Loft Leg 175-300mm – Per Square Metre (sqm)



Raised Loft Boarding – New Build Approved System – Does Not Void NHBC Warranty

This method is required in new build houses where the insulation is so high above the existing joists and there are no load bearing internal walls, the cross- bracing method simply wont suffice. This method is used to elevate the floor using stilts, that ensure the existing insulation level is maintained and your U-Value is not compromised. It also provides protection against stress on the ceilings beneath and allows a small gap between the insulation and flooring for air to circulate, similar to Loftzone.

LoftLeg have stated that compressing your insulation can reduce its thermal properties by more than 50%

Suited for medium-thick loft insulation such as the 175mm Earthwool that we install.

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