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270mm Earthwool Loft Insulation – Per Square Metre (sqm)
April 30, 2020
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April 30, 2020

Loft Lining (Alumaflex) Per Square Metre (sqm)



Alumaflex Multi-layered Quilting is a thin and highly efficient multi-foil insulation designed to help reduce energy costs and save on space whilst meeting the thermal requirements of Building Regulations. It helps improve air tightness compared with other forms of insulation. It reduces waste, dust and cold-bridging.
Effective in both Summer and Winter Retains heat during winter and reflects heat in summer preventing overheating warm spaces.

• BBA certified in walls and roofs
• Flexible, durable and free from irritants
• Acts as an effective vapour barrier
• Can be used in conjunction with other forms of insulation. Breathable Roofing Membrane
Installed on top of other rafter lining materials such as multi-layered quilting, breathable roofing membranes can provide a neat and attractive finish for your loft storage space.
• Conforms to BS5534:2014 clause A.8
• BBA Approved
• Highly Breathable Allows Escape of Harmful Moisture Vapour
• Robust and Hardwearing
• Can Be Used in Warm and Cold Roof Applications

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